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Windows, Window Frames and Replacement Windows

1. Flush casement windows with solid glazing bars and double glazing.

2. Cottage style windows and door for a " New build " house. These have A rated double glazing and a full spray paint finish.

3. Two square bay windows which replicated the original but with the addition of double glazing.

4. Traditional sliding sash window which duplicates the original exactly but has A rated double glazing.

5. These stunning windows project in front of the face of the brickwork, with corbels underneath and cornice above.

"After" photo, with 12mm slim double glazing and retaining slim glazing bars.
The glass is fixed in with timber beads and not putty pointing, which we all know cracks and falls out, and when fresh is sometimes eaten by birds.

6. "Before" photo. Single glazed window with slim bars and putty pointing.

7. Traditional sliding sash window with 12mm slim double glazing that looks just like single glazing.
Perfect for period properties where slim glazing bars are of paramount importance.

8. A traditional casement window with A rated double glazed units and traditional ironmongery.

9. Oak mock sash windows.

10. Oak mock sash windows closeup.

11. Double glazed arched top windows and sliding sash.

12. Double glazed arched top windows and sliding sash - another view of the same job.

13. Traditional flush casement windows painted grey for a modern twist.

14. Hardwood flush casement windows.

15. Replacement hardwood bay window with double glazed units

16. Traditional box sash with double glazing and slim bars.

17. Traditional box sash with marginal bars.

18. Horizontal bar window

19. These hardwood cottage style windows were pre-finished and glazed in the workshop.
The stable style door is made from oak.

20. These stormproof casement and vent windows were made to be an exact copy of the existing windows at this football club in Leicester.

21. Replacement windows at a property in Blaby. The windows are hardwood with a full factory paint finish.
The sashes are traditional flush fitting but still offer great protection from the elements.

22. This sliding sash window looks really authentic with its narrow glazing bars.
However instead of traditional cords and weights, spiral balancers are used at a fraction of the cost.

23. This window gives the appearance of being a sliding sash. In fact the top sashes are hinged at the top and open out. This vastly reduces the cost.

24. This window has radiused ends, so as you can see the possibilities are endless.

25. A traditional shop front complete with pilasters, fascia and door, fits in perfectly with the local surroundings.

26. These mock sliding sash windows replaced ugly plastic UPVC ones and totally transformed this property in Whetstone.

27. Mock sash windows and 2 splayed bay windows manufactured for a property in Hinckley.

28. A curved frame like this one is a real talking point.

29. Mock sliding sash windows using spiral balancers at a greatly reduced cost compared to cords and weights.

30. These cottage style windows are manufactured in hardwood with a dark stain. They are stormproof in design.

Before we got to work . . .

After we were finished.

31. Look at the transformation!
These beautiful Gothic arched windows were made for a cottage in Leicestershire, not only replacing the originals with an exact copy,
but bringing the insulation up to date with the addition of double glazing.

32. An arched top traditional sliding sash window with authentic weights and sash cords to match other windows in the property,
manufactured in hardwood for maximum durability and double glazed.

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